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Wand shoot

wand shoot 1 wand shoot 2 wand shoot 3 wand shoot 4

Photos courtesy of South Wilts archery club

The longbow trio went to the Salisbury wand, it was a bit chilly as someone must have left the freezer door open and stuck a big fan in front of it blowing our way.

Any way first wand, 3 dozen arrows, was spent trying to get as far as the target I was only 40 yards short with my first attempt. Second wand second end and I got there! So I was now first in our group but didn’t last long as Bodger scored next end so we both took the mickeys out of R.P.G unfortunately he hit it next end so back to square one.

Third wand and I go back in front, then R.P.G goes and equals me. Last but one end and we are looking for our arrows and I notice a smirk on R.P.G’s face and yes he hit again! So that’s how we end R.P.G first, me next, Bodger last.

Still it was a good if very cold day.

Posted by: mike beare | January 26, 2015

The competitions are coming

We have started a new year of competitions so another year of trying to stop Bodger beating me, so far two competitions done two won so on track currently on track.

I managed to round up twelve of us for the Bournemouth indoor which is a very good turnout and it included a few first timers which is even better. A few medals were won to round of a good day. It would appear my fantastic shooting was a subject of much hilarity just because I may of had a miss which landed five targets over, quite close really.

R.P.G won the club longbow again but chairman chased him pretty close, and as I said I just managed to keep a few points ahead of bodger but it was a struggle.

At the club meal mini champ finally received her junior master bowman award we had been keeping from her and also the junior handicap medal, it will be interesting to see if it is worn at club competitions like it should be, a certain Chairman never did.

Next up Bodger, R.P.G. And I are off to the wand shoot according to the forecast it may be a bit chilly, it definitely will be if I don’t beat the other two.

Then it’s Druids followed by the county indoor which has six of us going, then we really get started.

Posted by: mike beare | November 24, 2014

the zombie shoot

Yesterday the club went hunting zombies courtesy of coach, it was a really good idea although I wasn’t so impressed with the scoring rules. Only arms or legs were wounds and the heads were kills I would have scored a lot more if bodies were allowed. Still I did manage 11 kills in the 24 targets only 2 of which were first arrows though, but when you see the size of some of the targets any kills at all was pretty lucky.

Still I won the longbow class which might just have been because I was the only one. Still please note the odd orange arrow in the head in the pictures, just ignore the other orange ones that tell you I didn’t hit it first try.










Posted by: mike beare | October 3, 2014

outdoor season over

Well the outdoor season is over now so back to field and indoor shooting, the season was one to forget from my point of view as Bodger ended up winning the outdoor target year which is just not on. He even has a club record now something I must correct next year!

Minichamp on the other hand has had a great outdoor season. Lots of medals, member of DWAA junior team, achieved junior master bowman level and even a piece in the Archery GB magazine pretty good going but also annoying as I have to keep updating the club records as almost every shoot ends as a new or increased club record!!

Our September NFAS shoot went well with many favourable comments about the course but it does mean I haven’t had a reason to resign for at least three years now so I must try harder.

Posted by: mike beare | July 10, 2014

more June

I have spent the usual week at Dunster, it was in fact unusual as it was hot and sunny instead of the wet and windy we usually get. This week was a definite improvement on last Year as I beat Bodger 4 days to 1 and to top everything I also beat RPG that was a first. Bodger did well on the last day, the one he beat me, as he got his first
bowman score and also achieved a white rose award.

the following weekend was the Owl shoot at Lytchett Bowmen, we had a very good club attendance at this shoot, the most for a long members at the Owl shoot
It seems Bodger won best longbow gold, at least he told us that over and over again. Mini Champ won her distance (that makes 2 comps 2 wins), and Helen won her distance, I even came second in the shootoff, not a bad result. By the way Bodger and I both beat RPG, he was heard to mutter something about needing more practise, but he could have just been putting in a low score so he could get best improver next year.

Posted by: mike beare | June 15, 2014

update, June

So muchfor my regular updates, only 3 months instead of the one I was hoping for.

Much has happened in this period, NFAS open shoot, club indoor champs, triple shoot and the start of the outdoor season.


The NFAS shoot was well attended and again was well received by the participants Coaches over the pond bear shot being the most commented upon and having shot it on a club field day I can see why. This was around the sixth shoot that hasn’t given me cause to resign things must be getting better.

The indoor champs was also well attended, my harrasing members seems to be working, and a couple of new club records were recorded.

The triple shoot also went well some club members also took part meaning I had to change some of the field course so that they did not have any home advantage.

Bodger and I have been to both field and target shoots sometimes accompanied by other club members. Bodger occasionally forgets he is supposed to lose to me and goes and beats me, just not on. A major surprise waas Chairman winning a medal, I am not sure who was most surprised him or us, Ok it was only a bronze but definitely a result.

The club mini-champ attended her first competition and came back with the overall junior lady trophy and club, probable county and regional records and is applying for her six gold end badge, this is called starting at the top and is going to be hard to follow.

Well I am packing to go to Dunster for five days of archery really looking forward to my 15th year there as long as Bodger behaves himself not like last year when he kept beating me.

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I know its a bit late but I finally got around to this update.

The indoor is still very well supported, numbers are consistantly good and it is really good to see so many shooting each week. Even Bodger managed to turn up occasionally, seeing as we were doing a competition in early March it was just as well.

Three of us made the trip to Druids for a field shoot and a good day was had by all, despite the what felt like hurricane force winds that made the shots in the open somewhat challenging. I should just mention that there should have been four of us but Chairman decided to move his bathroom around on Thursday and took forever to get the loo working properly (Sunday night would you believe) despite only moving it 800mm, not the fastest plumber around.

So thats it for another month, things start picking up now so will have more to report next time.

By the way if you didn’t know Mark runs a club Facebook page, please give it a look.

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January in review

Or at least the first three weeks as I am away this last week.

The indoor attendances are still amazing I cannot remember a previous time when there was consistantly over 20 people shooting, long may it last. We have also converted Shaun to the light, he now shoots at the noisy end of the line as he now has a proper wooden bow, however if he proves to be better than me he can go back down the other end as soon as he likes.

Chairman, Waterman, Bodger and I had an outing to Elmtree the other Sunday and very pleasant it was. Bodger started well by missing the pig target and splitting a thin twig instead just to show us he can, whereas I hit the pig as that was what I thought the idea was but you never know perhaps we are supposed to be showing off trick shots. Just in case that was the idea I did bounce an arrow off a tree stump into the kill but it seems I was wrong as he reconned it shouldn’t be allowed. Any way it was a really good day and we even managed to finish before the rain came which was a bonus.

Last weekend eight of us went to the Canford indoor double Portsmouth shoot. It was a good day for the club as R.P.G came second on the single and double rounds, Three clubs came second in the single round, Moneypenny came second in the double round, Alex came third in the double round, R.P.G and I were the winning longbow team and Bodger had the Presidents prize, Oh and we even had some raffle prizes. To top it all we even had a recurve team for the first time in a long time pity the score wasn’t high enough to be placed but you can’t have everything.

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2013 a year in the club

I thought I would finish the year with a quick update.

I think the club has grown this year if not in members certainly in active members, it may have just been the fact we actually had a summer this year but there was definitely many more shooting this year during the outdoor season and following on since we have been indoor numbers are definitely up on last year.

We also seem to have more members willing to help at our open shoots although when it  came to bringing the animals in chairman and myself seem to have it licked at only two hours per wood a lot quicker than they go out!

I have even managed to get some of the new members to go to competition maybe in a few years we may be active as a club in local competitions again instead of just bodger and myself. Speaking of bodger it was a bad year as he kept beating me certainly Dunster was bad for me I had to spend ages working out ways to mean I hadn’t lost to him.

I now  intend to go back to frequent updating of the blog let’s see how long before I lapse again, have a Happy New Year.



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2013 blog stats

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 840 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 14 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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