Posted by: mike beare | October 3, 2016

Where did the summer go

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the last post was back in May, I thought I was doing better at posting but it seems I was wrong.
My excuse for lack of comment on the club is I have rarely been there as I have been very busy at home and every Sunday has been a competition where I have been going for national rankings in both target and field. I will know the result in January and will be very surprised if I am not last but it will be interesting how far behind the others I come.
The most amusing competition was the Lytchett Owl as three of us attended and all claimed county records and the other two (minichamp and the flower fairy) also claimed regional records, wasn’t it lucky that the flower fairy and I were the only two longbows shooting the longest round so we were unopposed.

More recently we had the club handicap championship where coach got greedy and claimed both the handicap trophy and the highest unadjusted score trophy,what with winning the Triple shoot earlier this year he is really adding up club trophies.

Finally we have just had the NFAS fun shoot which was attended by 70 archers who seemed to all have a good day with not as many minus scores as last year so it must have been a bit easier as I promised.

ready to shoot target 1

ready to shoot target 1

ready to shoot target 20

ready to shoot target 20

ready to shoot target 8

ready to shoot target 8



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