Posted by: mike beare | May 30, 2016

End of May already

So much for frequent updates, still just over a month is improving. Competition season is under way which has included the annual Triple Shoot which I offered to run in a moment of madness. I have to say though that it was not as bad as I thought it would be, even though I did spend many an hour de-stoning the new clout ring positions building quite a rockery in the process.

The day itself went well and I got quite good comments, especially about the field course, which made it all worthwhile. The big surprise of the day was Coach’s score it seems he was at a different shoot to every one else, beating second place Mowerman by quite a bit.

Special thanks must go to Mr T for all his help prior to the day and all those who helped on the day. This month also saw the return to the club fold of Flower Fairy who it seems has been missing all the mickey taking we give her so just had to rejoin. It would be better though if I didn’t keep getting emails saying she has broken yet another club record so giving me more work, and even more to the point beating my scores and making it even worse!! It does have the bonus though that a club member keeps winning medals at shoots I have not even heard of.

My shooting has been up to its usual standard, hitting trees instead of targets at field and hitting the wrong targets at target. Trouble is I am missing the opportunity of taking the mickey out of Bodger, it will be so much better when he is able to shoot again.


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