Posted by: mike beare | April 6, 2016

Where has the winter gone

When I looked to see when I last posted I was amazed to see it was back in October, I really thought it was a couple of months ago.

Well what has happened, we have had our first winter league which was definitely challenging, most of the targets seemed to have been badly positioned as they were definitely not where my arrows were landing although others seemed to think they were OK. I was first longbow and last longbow which you might gather means I was the only longbow this was due to Bodgers health problems which has seen him out of circulation for a while, hopefully he will be back as I miss all the mickey taking and I had to make do with waterman instead.

The indoor season has been well attended but my shooting has definitely been the best, the stands seem to have a few more holes in them than they used to have I even managed to hit front and back legs with the same arrow by passing through the front into the back. Coach has reintroduced the ladder competition which I didn’t take part in as there was no one I could beat!

As a club we had a large entry into the Bournemouth indoor, 19 would you believe which resulted in a few medals including Recurve Team something we have not had for many years it waas good to see. Mind you as usual Chairman managed not to be there finding something else he should be doing.

Well, that’s it for now I hope not to leave it so long next time.


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