Posted by: mike beare | October 21, 2015

End of competition season roundup

It has been a very mixed year between Bodger and myself, overall I have taken the target year and he has the field year. This is not right they are both supposed to be mine he really must get on plot next year! Even stranger he has been collecting bling and in general if I manage to get some he gets better ones!! 

Other club members have also had a good year, Coach has had a couple of field placings, Mowerman has gained several field placings culminating in gold at Ballands and a arrowhead award at the regional field championships. Golden Girl has collected bling almost everywhere she went so much so that she now looks disappointed if she doesn’t get something. Mini Champ has done very well as well once again attaining JMB this time in her new age group.

I have been kept quite busy updating club records as they are often being set/broken which is definitely a good thing, shame it is not me doing some of it.

For me the last weekend at the regional field championships was the highlight as for once at field this year I was able to say to Bodger “I’ll see your Bronze and raise you two Silver” as I was second in the two day and also second in region, finally beating him at field, hooray! 

By the way I started the indoor season as I finished last years shooting both bow and arrows twice on the first night causing much laughter, still I have now changed all the nocks on the indoor arrows so that should be a thing of the past, the shame is I still can’t hit the target as this picture illustrates quite well.

 For pictures of the years winners and all other club photos please check out the club Facebook pages as we do try to post there quite often.


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