Posted by: mike beare | July 1, 2015

bounce back

Since my last post things are definitely on the up, I have beaten Bodger in 2 competitions and well and truly beaten R.P.G. at the Dunster two way.

The first defeat was at the Waterside long western where would you believe I was top of the leader board for two dozen before things went back to normal, still I did come home with a medal, silver, so it was still an above average day. Minichamp and Goldengirl also had Silver.

On to Dunster week, and that fateful 2 way western-

before the defeat of R.P.G

before the defeat of R.P.G

R.P.G. only managed to hit the 60 yards 14 times, hee hee, and I finished 70 places above him and 190+ points above his score. Things were so bad Bodger sent him his condolences! I felt so sorry for him (not) that I didn’t enter him in the Owl shoot so he didn’t have to suffer 2 defeats in a row.

The previous day I did the field and went round with Dave Smith who acted as a very good Bodger replacement, lots of barracking and a close shoot even down the the result depending on the last target, if a tree had not jumped out in front of my first arrow I would have beaten him.

notice the annoying tree with my first arrow in it.

notice the annoying tree with my first arrow in it.

Golden girl came to Dunster for a couple of days and enjoyed it so much she intends to be back next year.

The Owl shoot was last weekend and several of us went, once again it was a great result Bodger getting beaten by me!!!

Team Osprey at the Owl Shoot

Team Osprey at the Owl Shoot

Owl shoot winners

Owl shoot winners

What do you notice different between the two photos, thats right the longbow pair seem to be missing I wonder why could it be,was it because I was fifth and Bodger wasn’t even that good?

The good ones are

Big D, best gold recurve.

Golden girl, 3rd Lady recurve western.

Minichamp,1st Junior Lady recurve junior western.

Mowerman, 3rd Gent recurve western.

Mike the dark side, 2nd Gent compound western.


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