Posted by: mike beare | May 24, 2015

Going back down

So much for more frequent updating, back to long gaps in between and the shooting is going the same way i.e. downhill. I think bigger bosses and faces are required sort of barn door sized although I’m not sure I could hit them even then. I seem to start well in a round then go completely to pieces  and pick up again when it is too late. This applies to both target and field consequently Bodger has been much happier of late.

On a happier front minichamp finished her age year not just by increasing most of her club records, just to give me more work as records officer, but also got her gold Rose award a brilliant achievement. Now she has changed age year guess what she is out to set a whole new year of club records!

Also Golden Girl now has a couple of club records and has the distinction of being the first person I know of to take part in a best gold shootoff after tying with Caroline Lawrence for the prize at the Bracken western recently unfortunately losing out to her.

As a club we are putting more people into target competitions now which is good to see, long may it continue I’ve just got to persuade Chairman (AKA I’m away) to take part now.

There is already developing a fierce competition for the Senior Handicap Improvement medal this year it will be interesting to see who wins at least it is encouraging many rounds to be shot.


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