Posted by: mike beare | April 6, 2015

Getting better

Since my last post things have improved a bit, I beat Bodger at Lytchett double 70m and the indoor tournament and then he went and ruined it by beating me last Sunday at a new western even getting his first bowmans score.

The indoor tournament was memorable for the misses, Bodger pretending to have shot through the boss, R.P.G. Actually picking one up off the floor, and best of all Pikey sticking one in the net bag well before the targets. They all happened on the right side where I was strange the effect I have on people they all seem to have to miss better than me!

Pikey’s attack on the net bag


Oh look I seem to have one on the floor!


Moving on Golden Girl was at the field Friday and I Started her on 30 yards but very quickly she was on 60 yards not hanging around is she, then on Sunday morning she and Jamie did their first outdoor round and already has her first third class score both of them recording a very credible 60 handicap. Not stopping there they both had a go at clout following up with a round of the field course, a busy day.

We had a good turnout Sunday so hopefully this will carry on this summer. 


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