Posted by: mike beare | March 3, 2015

Going from bad to worse

Last Sunday saw 8 club members at the County Indoor shoot, it was supposed to be me beating Bodger but like last weekend it didn’t go to plan. I managed to hit several 5’s (the centre) that were not on my target along with the net and almost everywhere bar where I should. Normal ends were three hits and two misses but I did excel one end and miss with all of them and I never hit with all of them.

In total all the day’s hits equalled one round so basically I had a round where I didn’t score at all. Bodger did try and help by missing some but it wasn’t enough.

Dave had one bad end of putting three arrows in the wrong target and had to do the walk of shame and take them out, good job that didn’t happen with me as I would have been doing it nearly every end and the shoot would have taken twice as long!

The day finished with R.P.G. being named County Longbow Champion and Bodger coming third, Dave claiming a club record and probably R.P.G. doing the same.

Below are some examples of my wonderful shooting

IMG_0705 IMG_0706 IMG_0707



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