Posted by: mike beare | February 23, 2015


It was yesterday that disaster happened, Bodger and I went to Druids field shoot and he beat me!!! I could say I only just lost but I’m not sure I can get away with saying 100 points behind is just losing. It went with the weather that was depressing as well, very windy quite wet and cold. Strangely though Bodger was all smiles I have never seen him finish a shoot so happy.



A couple of the targets at the shoot.
You might have noticed both my arrows were from the blue peg an indication of my shooting, third class.
Before this a couple of weeks ago one of our latest beginners was enjoying her first night with the club when she ” Robin Hooded” one of the arrows she had shot, of course it was in the gold as she is Golden Girl, most of the course that’s where her arrows were.


And finally Bodger was at it again last Friday two arrows touching in the White, well it was a Worcester target.
Sorry about the camera shake but it did shake me a bit!



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