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Where did the summer go

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the last post was back in May, I thought I was doing better at posting but it seems I was wrong.
My excuse for lack of comment on the club is I have rarely been there as I have been very busy at home and every Sunday has been a competition where I have been going for national rankings in both target and field. I will know the result in January and will be very surprised if I am not last but it will be interesting how far behind the others I come.
The most amusing competition was the Lytchett Owl as three of us attended and all claimed county records and the other two (minichamp and the flower fairy) also claimed regional records, wasn’t it lucky that the flower fairy and I were the only two longbows shooting the longest round so we were unopposed.

More recently we had the club handicap championship where coach got greedy and claimed both the handicap trophy and the highest unadjusted score trophy,what with winning the Triple shoot earlier this year he is really adding up club trophies.

Finally we have just had the NFAS fun shoot which was attended by 70 archers who seemed to all have a good day with not as many minus scores as last year so it must have been a bit easier as I promised.

ready to shoot target 1

ready to shoot target 1

ready to shoot target 20

ready to shoot target 20

ready to shoot target 8

ready to shoot target 8


Posted by: mike beare | May 30, 2016

End of May already

So much for frequent updates, still just over a month is improving. Competition season is under way which has included the annual Triple Shoot which I offered to run in a moment of madness. I have to say though that it was not as bad as I thought it would be, even though I did spend many an hour de-stoning the new clout ring positions building quite a rockery in the process.

The day itself went well and I got quite good comments, especially about the field course, which made it all worthwhile. The big surprise of the day was Coach’s score it seems he was at a different shoot to every one else, beating second place Mowerman by quite a bit.

Special thanks must go to Mr T for all his help prior to the day and all those who helped on the day. This month also saw the return to the club fold of Flower Fairy who it seems has been missing all the mickey taking we give her so just had to rejoin. It would be better though if I didn’t keep getting emails saying she has broken yet another club record so giving me more work, and even more to the point beating my scores and making it even worse!! It does have the bonus though that a club member keeps winning medals at shoots I have not even heard of.

My shooting has been up to its usual standard, hitting trees instead of targets at field and hitting the wrong targets at target. Trouble is I am missing the opportunity of taking the mickey out of Bodger, it will be so much better when he is able to shoot again.

Posted by: mike beare | April 6, 2016

Where has the winter gone

When I looked to see when I last posted I was amazed to see it was back in October, I really thought it was a couple of months ago.

Well what has happened, we have had our first winter league which was definitely challenging, most of the targets seemed to have been badly positioned as they were definitely not where my arrows were landing although others seemed to think they were OK. I was first longbow and last longbow which you might gather means I was the only longbow this was due to Bodgers health problems which has seen him out of circulation for a while, hopefully he will be back as I miss all the mickey taking and I had to make do with waterman instead.

The indoor season has been well attended but my shooting has definitely been the best, the stands seem to have a few more holes in them than they used to have I even managed to hit front and back legs with the same arrow by passing through the front into the back. Coach has reintroduced the ladder competition which I didn’t take part in as there was no one I could beat!

As a club we had a large entry into the Bournemouth indoor, 19 would you believe which resulted in a few medals including Recurve Team something we have not had for many years it waas good to see. Mind you as usual Chairman managed not to be there finding something else he should be doing.

Well, that’s it for now I hope not to leave it so long next time.

Posted by: mike beare | October 21, 2015

End of competition season roundup

It has been a very mixed year between Bodger and myself, overall I have taken the target year and he has the field year. This is not right they are both supposed to be mine he really must get on plot next year! Even stranger he has been collecting bling and in general if I manage to get some he gets better ones!! 

Other club members have also had a good year, Coach has had a couple of field placings, Mowerman has gained several field placings culminating in gold at Ballands and a arrowhead award at the regional field championships. Golden Girl has collected bling almost everywhere she went so much so that she now looks disappointed if she doesn’t get something. Mini Champ has done very well as well once again attaining JMB this time in her new age group.

I have been kept quite busy updating club records as they are often being set/broken which is definitely a good thing, shame it is not me doing some of it.

For me the last weekend at the regional field championships was the highlight as for once at field this year I was able to say to Bodger “I’ll see your Bronze and raise you two Silver” as I was second in the two day and also second in region, finally beating him at field, hooray! 

By the way I started the indoor season as I finished last years shooting both bow and arrows twice on the first night causing much laughter, still I have now changed all the nocks on the indoor arrows so that should be a thing of the past, the shame is I still can’t hit the target as this picture illustrates quite well.

 For pictures of the years winners and all other club photos please check out the club Facebook pages as we do try to post there quite often.

Posted by: mike beare | August 30, 2015

The County Weekend

four club members attended the county weekend, it started badly as Bodger trounced me at the two way longbow I think I need bigger targets to shoot at whilst he gets smaller ones.

In the afternoon clout Minichamp and the “AMAZING” Golden Girl became county and regional champions despite or maybe because Bodger was scoring them!

On the Sunday I got my own back on Bodger trouncing him this time so it is all to play for tomorrow in the American!

Posted by: mike beare | July 1, 2015

bounce back

Since my last post things are definitely on the up, I have beaten Bodger in 2 competitions and well and truly beaten R.P.G. at the Dunster two way.

The first defeat was at the Waterside long western where would you believe I was top of the leader board for two dozen before things went back to normal, still I did come home with a medal, silver, so it was still an above average day. Minichamp and Goldengirl also had Silver.

On to Dunster week, and that fateful 2 way western-

before the defeat of R.P.G

before the defeat of R.P.G

R.P.G. only managed to hit the 60 yards 14 times, hee hee, and I finished 70 places above him and 190+ points above his score. Things were so bad Bodger sent him his condolences! I felt so sorry for him (not) that I didn’t enter him in the Owl shoot so he didn’t have to suffer 2 defeats in a row.

The previous day I did the field and went round with Dave Smith who acted as a very good Bodger replacement, lots of barracking and a close shoot even down the the result depending on the last target, if a tree had not jumped out in front of my first arrow I would have beaten him.

notice the annoying tree with my first arrow in it.

notice the annoying tree with my first arrow in it.

Golden girl came to Dunster for a couple of days and enjoyed it so much she intends to be back next year.

The Owl shoot was last weekend and several of us went, once again it was a great result Bodger getting beaten by me!!!

Team Osprey at the Owl Shoot

Team Osprey at the Owl Shoot

Owl shoot winners

Owl shoot winners

What do you notice different between the two photos, thats right the longbow pair seem to be missing I wonder why could it be,was it because I was fifth and Bodger wasn’t even that good?

The good ones are

Big D, best gold recurve.

Golden girl, 3rd Lady recurve western.

Minichamp,1st Junior Lady recurve junior western.

Mowerman, 3rd Gent recurve western.

Mike the dark side, 2nd Gent compound western.

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Going back down

So much for more frequent updating, back to long gaps in between and the shooting is going the same way i.e. downhill. I think bigger bosses and faces are required sort of barn door sized although I’m not sure I could hit them even then. I seem to start well in a round then go completely to piecesĀ  and pick up again when it is too late. This applies to both target and field consequently Bodger has been much happier of late.

On a happier front minichamp finished her age year not just by increasing most of her club records, just to give me more work as records officer, but also got her gold Rose award a brilliant achievement. Now she has changed age year guess what she is out to set a whole new year of club records!

Also Golden Girl now has a couple of club records and has the distinction of being the first person I know of to take part in a best gold shootoff after tying with Caroline Lawrence for the prize at the Bracken western recently unfortunately losing out to her.

As a club we are putting more people into target competitions now which is good to see, long may it continue I’ve just got to persuade Chairman (AKA I’m away) to take part now.

There is already developing a fierce competition for the Senior Handicap Improvement medal this year it will be interesting to see who wins at least it is encouraging many rounds to be shot.

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Getting better

Since my last post things have improved a bit, I beat Bodger at Lytchett double 70m and the indoor tournament and then he went and ruined it by beating me last Sunday at a new western even getting his first bowmans score.

The indoor tournament was memorable for the misses, Bodger pretending to have shot through the boss, R.P.G. Actually picking one up off the floor, and best of all Pikey sticking one in the net bag well before the targets. They all happened on the right side where I was strange the effect I have on people they all seem to have to miss better than me!

Pikey’s attack on the net bag


Oh look I seem to have one on the floor!


Moving on Golden Girl was at the field Friday and I Started her on 30 yards but very quickly she was on 60 yards not hanging around is she, then on Sunday morning she and Jamie did their first outdoor round and already has her first third class score both of them recording a very credible 60 handicap. Not stopping there they both had a go at clout following up with a round of the field course, a busy day.

We had a good turnout Sunday so hopefully this will carry on this summer. 

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Going from bad to worse

Last Sunday saw 8 club members at the County Indoor shoot, it was supposed to be me beating Bodger but like last weekend it didn’t go to plan. I managed to hit several 5’s (the centre) that were not on my target along with the net and almost everywhere bar where I should. Normal ends were three hits and two misses but I did excel one end and miss with all of them and I never hit with all of them.

In total all the day’s hits equalled one round so basically I had a round where I didn’t score at all. Bodger did try and help by missing some but it wasn’t enough.

Dave had one bad end of putting three arrows in the wrong target and had to do the walk of shame and take them out, good job that didn’t happen with me as I would have been doing it nearly every end and the shoot would have taken twice as long!

The day finished with R.P.G. being named County Longbow Champion and Bodger coming third, Dave claiming a club record and probably R.P.G. doing the same.

Below are some examples of my wonderful shooting

IMG_0705 IMG_0706 IMG_0707


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It was yesterday that disaster happened, Bodger and I went to Druids field shoot and he beat me!!! I could say I only just lost but I’m not sure I can get away with saying 100 points behind is just losing. It went with the weather that was depressing as well, very windy quite wet and cold. Strangely though Bodger was all smiles I have never seen him finish a shoot so happy.



A couple of the targets at the shoot.
You might have noticed both my arrows were from the blue peg an indication of my shooting, third class.
Before this a couple of weeks ago one of our latest beginners was enjoying her first night with the club when she ” Robin Hooded” one of the arrows she had shot, of course it was in the gold as she is Golden Girl, most of the course that’s where her arrows were.


And finally Bodger was at it again last Friday two arrows touching in the White, well it was a Worcester target.
Sorry about the camera shake but it did shake me a bit!


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